Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

3 bewaile among the dead that which is risen, or rather was immortal!; his soule converst with God so much when he was here, that it reioyccs to be now eternally freed from intermption in that blessed exercise; his vertues were recorded in heaven's annalls, and can never perish, by them he yctt teaches tls and all those to whose knowledge they shall arrive: 'tis only his fetters, his sins, his infirmities, his diseases, that arc dead never to rev ive againe, nor would wee have them; they were his enemies and oms; by faith in Christ he vanquisht them: our coniunction, if W<':e had any with him, was undissoluble, if wee were knitt together by one spiritt into one body of Christ, wee are so still, if wee were mutually united in one love of God, good men, and goodnesse, wee are so still; what is it then we waile in his remoove? the distance? faithlesse fooles! sorrow only makes it; let us but ascend to God in holy ioy for the greate grace given his poore servant, and he js there with us. He is only remoov'd from the mallice of his enemies, for which wee should uot expresse love to him in being aflicted, wee may mourne for ourselres that wee come so tardily after him, that wee want his guide and assistance in our way, and yet if our tears did not putt out our eies wee should see him even in heaven, holding forth his flaming lamp of vertuous examples and precepts to li ght us through the darke world. It is til11e that I lctt in to your knowledge that splendor wh ich while it cheares and enlightens your heavy senses, let us remember to give all his and all our glorie to God alone, who is the father anti founlaine of all light and excellence. Desiring, if my treacherous memory have not lost the dearest treasure that ever I committed to its trust, to relate to you his hol)', vertuous, honorable life, I would put his picture in the front of his booke,' but my unskillfull hand will iniure him. Yet to such of you as have not scene him to remember his person, I leave this- ; The editor is happy to have it in his power to do this in a manner that will be gratifying to the lovers of the arts. The original pictures of Mr. anJ Mrs. Hutchinson ,