Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

sion more ardent and ]esse idolatrous; he lov'd her better then his life, with inexpressable tendernesse and kindnesse, had a most high obliging esteeme of her, yet still consider'd honour, religion, and duty, above her, nor ever suffer'd the intrusion of such a dotage as should blind him from marking her imperfections: these he look'd upon with such an indulgent eie, as did not abate his love and esteeme of her, while it .augmented his care to blott out all those spotts which might make her appearc !esse worthy of that respect he pay'd her; and thus indeed he soone made her more equal! to him then he found her; for she was a very faith full mirror, reflecting truly, though but dimmely, his owne glories upon him, so long as he was present; bnt she, that was nothing before his inspection gave her a faire figure, when he was remoov'd, was only fill'd with a darke mist, and never could againe take in any delightfull obiect, nor returne any shining representation. The greatest excellencie she had was the power of apprehending and the virtue of loving his: soe as his shadow, she waited on him every where, till he was taken into that region of light, which admitts of none, and then she vanisht into nothing. 'Twas not her face he lov'd, her honor and her vertue were his mistresses, and these (like Pigmalion's) images of his own making, for he polisht and gave forme to what he found with all the roughnesse of the quarrie about it; but meeting with a compliant subiect for his owne wise government, he found as much satisfaction as he gave, and never had occasion to number his marriage among his infelicities. That day that the friends on both sides met to conclude the marriage, she fell sick of the small pox, which was many wayes a greate triall upon him; first her life was allmost in desperate hazard, and then the disease, f~r the present, made her the most deformed person that could be scene, for a great while after she recover' cl; yett he was nothing troubled at it, but inarried her assoone as she was ablc to q uitt the chamber, when the priest and all that saw her were affrightecl to looke on her: but God re-