Hutchinson -DA407 .H9 H7 1806

46 compenc'd his iustice and constancy, by restoring her, though she was longer then ordinary before she recovcr'd, as well as before. One thing is very observable, and worthy imitation in him; although he had as strong and violent affections for her, as ever any man had, yet he declar'd it not to her till he had acquainted first his father, and after never would make any engagement but what his love and honor bound him in, wherein he was more finnc and iust then all the promisarie oathes and tics in the world could have made him, notwithstanding many powerful temptations of wealth and beauty, and other interests, that were laid before him; for his father had concluded another treaty, before he knew his son's inclinations were this way fixt, with a party in many things much more advantageable for his famely, ·and more worthy of his liking: but his father was no !esse honorably indulgent to his son's affection, then the sonne was strict in the observance of his duty, and at length, to the full content of all, the thing was accomplisht, and ·on the third clay of July, in the yeare 1638, he was married to Mrs. Lucy Apsley, the second daughter of Sr. Alien Apsley, late lieftcnant of the Tower of London, at St. Andrew's church in Holborne. He liv'd some time in this neighbourhood with her mother, but foure months were scarce past after their marriage before he was in grcate danger to have lost her, when she lost two children she had conceiv'd by him. Soone after conceivi"g againe, she grew so sickly, that her indulgent mother and husband, for the advantage of her health, remoov'd their dwelling out of the city, to a house they tooke in Enfield chace, call'd the Blew. House, where, upon the third of September 1639, she was brought to bed of two sonns, whereof the elder he named after his owne father, Thomas, the younger was call'cl Edward, who both surviv'd him. September 1641 she brought him another sonne, call'd by his ownc name, John, who liv'd scarce six yearcs, and was a ,·cry hopefull child, ful l of his father's vigor and spiritt, but death soone nipt that blossome. ..·