Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

Ebe Cobettattt of Peace CDpenett. SERMON IV. Wherein the Suretifhip of Chrift is opened. I S A. Liv. x. Neither Ball the Covenant ofmy Peace be removed, faith the Lord that pathmercy on thee. Doa. HAT there is a covenant made, or a- greed on, and fiands firm in the behalf ofall God's Eleé. I am, my Brethren, a concerning thofe Tranfaaions betwixt God the Father, and God the Son, before the World began, about the bringing in, and effablilluing of the Covenant of our Peace ; in which Tranfalions I have Ihewed you the Son of God was chofen Mediator, confidered as God-man, and as to that Office of his, we have fpoken diffin&ly but as he is Mediator, fo you have heard he is Surety of the Covenant of Peace, and fo more than a sneer, or Pimple Mediator, And fince the Covenant of Peace fo much dependeth upon the Suretilhip of Chrif ; I tall here,