Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

T Cobenant of PeaceOrpneti+ 107 IV. Trial. Is Grace given to you ? Have you Union with Chrift ? Have you a new Heart ? Do you truly and favingly know the Lord ? Then you are brought into the Bonds of theCovenant of Peace. V. Confilation. If you are once in Cove- nant, you are for ever in Covenant, and all Covenant-Bleffing, even all things that are therein promifed to Chrift, as your Surety fhall be given to you. But no more at this time. And with this I conclude the Second Thing, under theSecondGeneral Head, viz. That the Terms propofed in the Covenant of Peace be- twixt the Father and the Son, were agreed to, andof Chrift's Work, as Mediator andSurety therein, I have' endeavoured to clear to the Weakeit Capacity.