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os ijeZtfpiopofOiotoito ewe SERMON V. Containing the Ratification, or Confir- mation of the Covenant of Peace ; Ihewing, how, and by what, and when it was confirmed ; alfo how proclaimm ed, and what the Proclamation is. I S A. Liv. x. Neither ßall the Covenant ofmy Peace be removed, faith the Lord that bath mercy on thee. Doa. HAYthere is a Covenant made, or a- greed on, andRands firm in the behalf of all God's Elet`t. I have (hewed you Firft, That in a Covenant of Peace there is a treating betwixt the Cove- nanting Parties about theTerms upon which it is made : And accordingly in order to thema- king, or bringing in of this Covenant, youhave heard that there was a treatingbetween the Father, and the Son before the Wórld be- gan. Secondly, ``What in fueh a Covenant, the Terms propofed are agreed untoby both Par ties ; fo I have (hewed you it was here ; and alfo that the Mediator oftheCovenantof Peace is jefus Chrif, who was alfo the Surety there- of