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ebe Calaeaaut of peace pelt,ev+ 109 of ; whofe Work, both as he is Mediator and Surety, we have opened. 'Thirdly, I (hall now proceed to the next The .atif. thing, which is theRatification, or Confirmation can of theCo of the Covenant. w My Brethren, there was a twofold Confir- Pace. oration of the Covenant. I. It was confirmed by God in Chrift, andGal.3i7° this was, as I conceive, in that Council of Peace that was held in Eternity betwixt them zach.6.s.3. both : True, among Men this is called(The Signing of the Articles of Peace ; but there was a full Confirmation of this Covenant, when it was Agreed on, and Signed, and that byboth Parties. .1. TheFather Confirmed it to Chrilt, and to all the Ele& in him, by his Oath ; I havePfal. 89.3e made a Covenant with my Chofen, I have fworn unto Davidmy Servant By David is meant Je- fus Chrift and I fee no reafon to doubt, but that this Oathof God the Father to the Son, as Mediator of our Peace, paired to him before the World began ; Once have Ifìnorn by my Ho- Verf35: linef, that Iwill not lye unto David. MyBrethren, when God concluded this Co- venant of Peace with Jefus Chrift, he made a Promife to himof performing all things which he agreed unto and evident it is, that this was before the World began ; In hope of Eter- Th.. nal Life, which God that cannot lye promifed, be- fore the World began. And as it was promifed then to Chrift, as the Head and Reprefenta- tiveof all theElea, on their behalf fo there is the fame Parity of Reafon, to believe, that then