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20 EbeOtrigap. eiflgDuo (5ûcE + Or, 3. Open theNature ofthe Proclamation. 4. Open the Terms upon which it is pro- claimed. the Gofpei The Proclamation of this Peace is the Go- is the Pro - f Jefus the of ylarnatian Chrift: Hence Gofpel is cal- 'of , Peace, lcd, The Wordof Reconciliation, and the Gofpel 2Cor,5. [9 ofPeace. Eph. 6.15 I. Becaufe the Gofpel only thews us how Re- conciliation is made between an offended' God, andoffending Creatures ; and no otherways is this revealed, or made known toMen. Il. Beéaufe God, my Brethren, is hereby declared to be reconciled or pacified towards 2Cor 5 AS 8 Sinners, even in Jefius Chrift 7'o wit, that God ways inChriflt, reconciling the World to himfelf, not imputing theirYrefpafres unto them. Some would have this extend to all theWorld univerfally, but then all would be Paved ; för if all were reconciled toGodby the Death ofhis Son, they fhall much more be laved by his Life ; for fo Paul argues in refpe& ofall them that Godby om.5, pro the Death of his Son, was reconciled to ; For if when we were Enemies, we were reconciled to God by the Death of his Son, much more being reconci= ted, we 'hall be Paved by his Lifé. If God gave ns the great Gift, he will much more give the lef er Gift, i, e. Faith and Perfeverance ; com- pare this with Rom. 8. 3i, My Brethren, 'tis the fare[A11,]or World that Chrift promifed that he woulddraw to him, and that he takes 315° away the Sin or Moreover, if he had recon- `" i7' cited the whole World to God, he would have `O' prayed forthe whole World, but that he faith he didnot, yet heprayed for all he died for. Ilh mt: