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Cannntaaof prate Openel+ I I I. Becaufe the Gofpel difcovers the Meritorious Cade, or Foundation of our Reconciliation, viz. the Death of Chrift, this was that Sacrifice that turned away God's Anger, andViñdi&ive Wrath andVengeance, He fair the Travel of his Soul and was fatis- fled. IV. Becaufe theGofpel contains mutual Re- conciliation, not only an account of God's Re- conciliation to us, but alfoour Reconciliation tohim, which is through the receiving the A- tonement, God is reconciled in Chrift, by his Wrath-appealing Sacrifice ; but the Gofpel Thews, that Sinners are not aecually reconciled toGod, until they are by the Spirit united to Chrift, andbelieve inhim, having that Natu- ral Enmity removed, that is in , their Hearts Iaan.8.'. againft God. V. The Gofpel is the inítrumental ,means, through the Spirits Operations of the Sinner's Reconciliation to God ; We prayyou in Coils 2Cor.j.2o read be ye reconciled to God. It is called the Tower of God to Salvation, becaufe therein the Born.I.a&: Righteoufnefs of God is reveal' cl, Verf. 17. It is, my Brethren, an Inftrument of his Power, or a powerful means ordained of God to this purpofe, it having an excellent and efficacious Influence attending it through the Spirit where it is proclaimed and received. My Brethren, Faith, Regeneration, Convertion, or Holinefs, do not reconcile us to God no, no, nothing doth that but the Blood of Chrift. And this I might makeappear, 1 Z I.