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L 122 Ebe3Dtfpfapof etogoti0 0.15ac.e 1. Becaufeour Reconciliationon God's part .ßóm.$. zo. is by the Deathof Chrift ; Forwhen we were Ene- mies, we were reconciled to Cod by the Death of his Son.. Hence we are faid to be fuflifiedby his Blood ; that is, Meritorioufly, yet Materially it is by his Aäive, as well as his Paffive Obedi- ence. 2. Becaufe our Reconciliation onGod's part, I mean his being Reconciledto us,is antecedent to Faith, Regeneration, dre. your Faith doth not make your Peace, tho it be an Inftrument by which you receive that Atonement that Chrift hathmade, 3. Faith, &'c. is an effeaof our Reconciliati- on, that we may be actually acquitted, and Pa- ved from Sin and Wrath in our own Perfons, andhave itevidenced to our ownConfciences; it is our receiving that ofChrift, which he re- ceived for us upon his Difcharge, as our om.5.9. Head, and Surety ; Much more being now ;uftified by his Blood, we ¡hall be faved through him : Therefore Chrifts Blood mutt be the ap- pealing Sacrifice that delivers us from the Wrathwe lay under. 4. Nay, my Brethren, Juftification is the Effets of Reconciliation ; for had not Chrift fatisfied Divine Jakefor .us, we had not been pronounced Jun, or Righteous in him ; the Vrifoner is acquited as the Eileas of the Pay- ment of his Debts, his believing his Debtsare paid, and the Law and Jultice fatisfied, doth not pay his Debts ; tho a Sinner is not in his ownPerfon aauallydifcharged, until he doth believe, orleaftwife inhis own Confcience. Trues