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Ebe Cobenacnt of ptaceDona+ 123 True, Jefius Chrift, as Mediator, doth both thefe ; i. e. he pays our Debts, and knocks off our Chains ; he makes the Atonement, and fprinkles the Blood upon our Confciences by his Spirit ; if Reconciliation was the bending of our Hearts toGod, to believe in him, and love him, why should Faith andSan&ification be laid down as theEnd and Effe& of this Re- conciliation : Yet now bath he reconciled in the Co1.1.2 . Body of his Flefh, through Death, to prefent you Holy and Vnreprovable in his Sight. VI. A Proclamation difcovers, or reveals who they are that {hall receive theBleffings of that Peace which is made, and upon what Terms. So, my Brethren, the Gofpel makes known who they are that are comprehended in that Peace our Lord Jefus Chrift hadmade, viz. all that God hashEle&ed, or Chofen in Him, or all 14.6.36. his Seed, or all that theFather bath given tohim, Aft. 13.48 or, if you pleafe, all that do believe in him; foh53'11 . and alfo it thewsupon what Terms, viz. whol -6 3. 6. lyof meer Grace and Favour ; By Grace ye areEpk.2.8,9; faved through Faith, and that not ofyour fclves, it is the Gift of God, not of Works, leaft any Man fhould boat, not by any A& of the. Creature, not by his Faith and fincere Obedience, nor by 1ät.3,50 Works of Righteoufnef that the have done, either in Obedience toLaw or Gofpel : See Ro,n.1 z .6. the Terms are without Money, and without Ifa,55,1)1 Price. VII.SomeProclamations proclaim Peace;fo,iry Brethren, the Gofpel Proclaims our Peacewith God: