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124 Ebe DífpíapofVogotto ewe: or Ifa. 57.19. God : Peace,Peace to them thatare afar off and to them that arenigh; It proclaims Liberty to theCap- Ifa. 61.1. tives,&c. Hence our Lordfaith tohis Difciples; Luk. 1 2.3. That whichye havefpoken in the Ear, (hall bepro- ,Epb.a.17. claimed on the Houfe Top And came andpreach- ed Peace, (or proclaimed Peace) to you which were afar of, and to them that are nigh. And hencethe Gofpel altocomes fo to be called ; for what is Gofpel, but glad Tydings, good 1Vews, Peace on Earth, good Will to Men ! It is cal- PfS9.15. led, the Joyful Sound, BlefTed is the People that know the 'joyful Sound, &c. Not they that only hear it, but that know it, it is that which when known and received, pacifies a Wounded Confcience. VIII. A Proclamation of Peace and Pardon, is that which a Self-condemnedTraytor takes hold of, and prefently fubmits himfelf with Tears, and falls down at his Sovereign's Feet, being broken to Pieces at the Thoughts of his Prince's Clemency, and Free Pardon. Alfo it gives an Affirance to all fuch of Pardon and Peace. So, myBrethren, the Gofpel is that which Sin-convi:ed, and Self-condemnedSinners,and Stubborn Rebels against God, takes hold of and it is this that breaks and melts their hard Hearts What hear that their Peace is made, and God reconciled? Nay, and that he has Sa- c_r'ified his own Son to this very end, this breaks the Heart ofStone, and brings the Re- bel to lay down his Arms, and to take hold of Pardon. And it gives to each poor Sinner 2lf0, an affirance of Mercy, he brings the Pro-