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Vic CoVena tt of Peace OprBQti+ 125 Proclamation asit were toGod., and pleads his Pardons Where the Word of a King vs, there is Power : The King's Word andPromife, (faith the Soul) ispaffed in his Proclamation, that I Ihall have Free Pardon, and here it is. IX. A Proclamation is Written, nay Print- ed, that it May be read, and known of all Men ; .fo God, in his Providence, hath caufed his Gofpel to be Printed, that it maybe read and known to all towhom it is Pent ; it was firmWritten,asHoly Men fpeak, as they were moved by the HolyGhoft ; and fince it has been Printed alfò. X. AProclumation is fet up in the Market, 2 Pet.t place, or in forne Publick place, fo is the Go- 20, 21 fpel publickly made known ; Wifdom cryeth without, (he tttter'eth her Voice in the Streets, in 2aa the chief Place, in the Cdñcottrfe, in the opening 6)(2°' the Gates, in the City _the sttereth her Voice, fee Yrov. 8. i. It is, and íhall be made known tò all Nations, to their Joy and Comfort, and for their Obedience of Faith. -- But let `me notehere force Difparities. T. Proclamations are not put into a Book, I fay I think that is not ufizallydone, to be kept. for after Times upon Record, but the Gofpel, or good News to Sinners, or this Proclamati- on, is put into a Book, fOr all fucceeding Ages, and Generations to know and under= - Rand. (I.) This Book, Brethren, is wholly by In- What à fpiration givenout to remain as a Witnefs of kind of God's Eternal Love, and thrill's Eternal Lo re Book the New re- - and Favour. fear, ent (2.) `There