Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

Iy.6 fE e Dtfplap of eiogouo acc: or, (2.) There is a Bleffing pronounced tohim that reads, and that underfiands this Book. (3.) It is a Book ratified and confirmed by Miracles. (q..) ABook that all Holy and good Books point to, Mofs points to this Book, the Pro- phets point to this Book, and all DivineWri- ters point to this Book. (5.) It is a Book of all Truth, and no Er- Tors. (6.) A Book that all Good Books, Holy Books were taken out of. (y.) ABook kept and preferved by Almigh- ty Power, in fpight of Rome, Hell, and De- vils. But let me add one thing more here, vii.. That therewere different ways of proclaiming this News of Peace, by Jefus Chrifl. 1. It was firkproclaiïned to Adam, upon his Fall, by the Promife of the Seed of the Woman. 2. ToAbraham it was proclaimed in there Words, . i. e. In thy Seed (hall all' the Nations of the Earth be Blefled. Ga .3.8. Thus Paul faith, God Preached the Go- fpel to Abraham, to Jacob by the coming of Shilo. To Mofis, by a Prophet that God would : raife upof their Brethren, like unto him ; and by Types andSacrifices. To David, by a Promife ofa Son to Sit up- onhis Throne, and by a Covenant made with him, as a Type of Chrifh. To theProphets many ways very clearly. But