Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

OcCo%mant of WaceOrpnEti. Lord, and themfelves but Servants for Nits fake. Not magnifie theCreature nor fet theCrown on theHead of theWill ofMan ; but throw the Creaturedown at Chrift's Feet, and to Teach all Men, to account all Things done by them, or in them in comparifon of Chrift, but Dung, MI. ;. 3, or Dogs Nieat, forthus didPaul. 9, 10. . 2. They are topreachnothing tobe Chrift's Ordinance, but what he hath inftituted, or politively appointed in the New Teffament, or Word ofGod, they muff look into theirCom- miffion, Matt. 28.18, 19, 20. IX. An Ambaílàdor, if his Soveraign fees he cannot fucced in his Work, or that Re- bels will not have Peace, nor lay down their Arms, whilft the White Flag of Mercy is put out ; lie orders him toproclaimWar, andputs forth theBloody Flag ; and nothing but War, Slaughter, and utter Ruine follows : So when Chrift fees that his Minifters cannot prevail withRebellious Sinners, but that they remain Obifin.ate andObdurant, rejecting Peace upon the Terms of this Covenant, or will not be- lieve to be faved, but Peek their Peace fame other way, or continue in their Sins and Un- belief ; he orders them to (Make o the DO of their Feet as a Witnefs aga_infl- them, and fo to proclaimWar, and fuch will fall into the Hands of Divine Wrath and Vengeance, and Chrift will at the laft Day fay,Bring out thofe mine Ene- Luke 19. mies, who would not that I (Mould Reign over. 27. them, and flay them beforemy Face. And hence Wrath came on the Yews to the uttermoff : And