Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

ADefr.- ìty be- meen Chrift's Ambaf)a- dors, and Arnbaffa- dors of Earthly Princes. Zbe DírpiapofOíogoo c13acc : Or And faith Paul, Lo, we leaveyor, and turn to the Gentiles. X. When anAmbaff<idor is called Home, it is a fign the Patience of his Prince is worn out, and that he will wait on his Enemies no longer. What may'ft thou then think, O London ! Tremble, tremble ! for how many Faithful Ambafladors in thee, bath God called Home very lately ? Thy Day of Grace, thou mayeff fear, draws to an end. XI. An Ambaffador muff give an account of his Ambaflàge to his Prince. So Chrift likewife will call all,his Miniffers to givean account to him, how they have fue- ceeded in their Work ; they muff all appear before the judgment-Seat of Cliriff ; and hap- py will fuch be, who have been Faithful in all things unto him, and have won manySouls to the Lord Jefus Chrift, andhave their Accounts to give with joy. My Brethren; there are one or two Difpa- rities concerning the Work of other Ambaflá- dors, and the Ambaflàdors of Chrift. 1. Other Ambaflàdors are impowered to make Peace betwixt States and Kingdoms, or betwixt one Prince and another that areat va- riance, they are not lmpioyed only to pro- claim ` Peace, but to make Peace ; but this Chriff's Ambafradors are not impowered to do, for no Men, nor Angels could make Peace be- twixt God and Man; all the Wifdom and Power of Men and Angels failed here; íhould .thé Angels have combined together to have given up all their Riches, Treafures, and their very