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Ebe C.obenaanat of peace OpeneD. 145 very Beings to God's Ju tice, they could not have made up that Breach ; or íhould all the Kings and Emperors of the World have agreed to part with all their Treafures,, Kingdoms, and Crowns, but to have redeemed one Sinner fromWrathand Divine Vengeance ; nay, to pay offthe Debts but of the lealt Sinner in the World, it would have been contemned by the Holy and Juft God. Or, thould all the Saints that ever lived, have offered up all their Graces, Gifts, Righ- teoufnelfes, &c. to have fatisfied for the fmal- eft Debt any Sinner owed to God, it would have fignified nothing. :. Alas, all that Angels have, Men have, or the Saints have, is none of their own, they owe all they have, and are, toGod therefore can (pare nothing of it for others to fatisfie God's juftice : There was none could makeour Peace but Jefus Chrift ; andChrift's Minifters are therefore to proclaim that Peace which is alreadymade, and endeavour to perfwade Sin- ners to accept of it on thofe Terms offered to them, that they may be reconciled to God. 2 cor. 5; 2. Princes do not meet together to make 20. Peace in theirown Perfons, but fend their Am- haíladors (who are Men of lefs Dignity than themfelves) todo it, though they receive their Inftruetions from their Masters; but God and Jefus Chrift treated about our Peace in their own Perfons, and Chrift, as Mediator, made this Peace for us (who as God, is equal with God the rather) as well as he is he Chief and Grand Ambállàdor, to declareor proclaim it. l Af-