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hrì 146 ?CíjQDífplapof ei0oitzOw, : Or, APPLICATION. .This informs us what a highvalue we thould haveof theGofpel, fence it brings fuch BlefI'ed News and Tidings to our Ears : O ! How do poor People that have fuffered by a long and defolating War, who have been ruined there- by, rejoyce to hear Peace proclaimed ; they know not how to exprefs their Joy, and yet know not how long it may be before War may breakout again but here is Peace proclaim- ed, Peace with God, Soul-Peace ; Everlaft- ing Peace, Peace that Ihall never be bro.; ken with fuch who are atually brought in- to the Bonds of this Covenant ; The Covenant ofmyPeace ¡hall not be removed, faith the Lord Lev. 25 that bath Mercy on thee : Thereforehere is in- O,II,I2. finite caufe of Joy and Gladnefs, this is the 4' rye founding the Great Jubilee ; . all Bond-men now have liberty proclaimed, and they shall all be fet free that take holdofthe Covenant ; the Great Jubilee was proclaimed and cele- brated with Mufick, Triumph, and all Expreffi- ons of Joy. Now what was that a Type of, but of the Proclamation of Peace in the Gofpel? Hence .Pfd 89.15. the. Gofpel it is called, The 3.oyful Sound : Is not here caufe of Joy ? Where are your Hearts ? Do they not (as it were) leap in you withra- vilhing Joy ? 2. This informs us alfo of thegreat and ab- folute neceflity of Preaching the Gofpel, be- caufe thisway only is Peace made known to us, and alfo how it came to be made. 3. This