Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

1e Colimaofprace Openctl, 147 3. This likewife informs us of that great Dignity God bath conferred upon his Faithful Miniffers, they .reprefent the Perfon of Jefus Chriff : Owhat greater Honour than this can be conferr'd on Men ? 4. Moreover, this Title should procure an high and honourable esteemof Minifters, (Pa- flors are called Angels of theChurches) efpeci- ally fuch whom they have been Infiruments to bring to accept of Peace, fhould highly value them. Befides, this is alfo neceffary in refpe& of the good fuccefs of their Ambafrage ; tho it istrue, People are too fubjea to make Mif- conitruaions what a Minifter may fpeak up- on_ this account ; as if he herein rather fought his own Honour (than in magnifying his Of- fice tobefriend the Gofpel, and to advance the Honour of his Great Mafler Jeffs Chrif )- and therefore perhaps he is under a Temptation to forbear. Men, for want of Charity, being fo ready to interpret it as a Fruit of a Minifter's Pride, and ofthat Ambition or AI e&ior . they have of fame outward Grandure, and World- lyPomp, which they design to gain by fuch á magnificent Title : The Apoflle himfelf was fenfible of this, but yet would not defifl (tho they might count it his Folly) he doth magni- fie his Office, i Cor. q.. 5. Let Men fo account ofus as 1í,finifters of G'hrift, and Stewards ofGod and that they judge nothing before the time. 5. It alfo may inform us what need there is, that Churches take cart to choofe fuch to be Pafiors, that are Sober, Grave, and Humble Men, andnot Novices, Young and unexperien- L 2 ced