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T48 'TJEDttPÏitp. f 10#otto /aCC t'or, ím:3.6 ,ced Perfons, LeaJb being lifted up with Pride, they fall into the Condemnation of the Devil ; who fell by his Pride, and is ready to tempt others to fall by the fame Sin.. 6. AndO ! with what trembling íhould this Workbe undertaken, 'tis a mighty Truff, and Woe to them that feek themfelves, and not the Honour of Godand Jefus Chrift herein. ObjeE. But force mayperhaps fay, If Chrift will have AmbaJJîxdors to treat with Sinners, why loth he not ufe the HolyAngels, or choofe them to thus High Office. i Anfr. It is not his Pleafure fo to do; the Apoftle gives one reafon for it ; We have this .2 Cpr.4.7 Treafure in EarthenYe fFels. Wherefore ? That Cor. 2. the Excellency of the Power might be of God, and not of us. Andhence, he has not chfen many Wife andNoble among Men,That no Fief')fhould glory in his Prefence ; i. e. Chrift's Ambafiàdors, or Minifters, beingMen, they have theadvan- tage many Ways above Angels. (I.) They are concerned themfelves in the Meffage they bring, which the Angels are not : What greater Argument to prefs a Man to Care and Faithfulnefs, than when his own Intereíf is concerned in the matter. (2.) Men have a more deep fenfe arifing in their own Hearts upon the account of the Temptations they themfelves are fubjec`i to. (3.) Becaufe the , Sufferings and Troubles that Minifters often meet with for Chrift and the Gofpel fake, are great Advantages to, their Brethren,and others to whom they Preach ; had the Holy Angels been the Ambafadors of this Peace, they could not