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EbeCobemutt ofPratt Opan, 149 not have been expofed to thofe Trials, and Reproaches, nor have Sealed to the Truth of their Doarine with their Blood, they cannot die. (4.) Becaufe the Prefence of an Angel might terrifie us, their Glory is fo great; or, may be it might create Doubts in us, whether it be a good Angel, or riot. 7. This alío thews, that Minifters have re- ceived a Special Commiílìon how and what to Preach, and what Ordinance to Adminifter and alfo that they have a Regular. Call tó this Office; How (hall they Preach, except they be .Rpm. 1o. lint? 15, aly. Exhortation. Sinners be ye exhorted, and fully perfwaded to hearken to thrift?s Am- fadors, and carefully to receive their Mef- fage. 1. Toaccept of Terms of Peace by clotting with Chrift, by believing in him. 2. To confider the Time allowedyou, is this prefent time ; Behold now is the accepted time, 2 Cor.6.2. behold now is theDay ofSalvation. 3. To confider the Danger of rejeaing negleaing, or refuting Peace and Salvation by Jefus Chrift : How 'hall we efcape, if we Heb.2.3. neglea fogreat Salvation ? Know, OSinners, that Minifters fet Life andDeath before you ; Hear, and your Souls )(hall live but he that Be- ifa.5 5 lieveth not, (hall be Damned. He that Believ- Márk x6. eth hath Everlafting Life, but he that Believeth r6. not, (hall not fee Life, but the Wrath ofGod abi- loh. 3.36. deth on him. What do you fay, Sinners ? Will you ftrive to take hold of Jefus Chriff ? Believe in him, L 3