Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

150 Vie Dtf .Ï P of c1DIO©lio 015aCC Z Or, cry to him for Faith, refolve to lay down your Arms : What Anfwer thall I return to my Great Matter ? Do not make a Paufe, but fpeedily come to a Refolution, your Lives are uncertain Laftly, This feverely reproves all that caft Affronts or Contempt through Pride, Envy, or Prejudice upon any one of thrift'sAmbaf -. dors, or that abate, deride, or rate up evil Reports on him, Chrift takes it all as done to bimfelf ;' alfo it reproves fuch, who account them as their Brethren, and thew them no more refpecî than to others, may be not fo much, but flight and defpife them, and hardly fpeak Friendly to them ; not confidering the Place and Office they are in. But no more at this time.