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174 'fir Otfptap Df elo Lotto date oFe Objed.May beyou willfay, Why not to more ? Nay, Why not to all? Anfw. I anfwer, Why to fo many ? Nay, why to any at all ? Or, Why to fuck that are called ? Why to us, and not rather to thofe thatare loft ? We being all naturally as vile and as bad as they ; nay, perhaps there are forceSinners inHell, that were not fo bad as force of us once were, which he hasmagnified his SoveraignGrace and Favour unto. III. The Covenant of Peace is alone of God's Free Grace, becaufe, as our Peace was made without us, not purchafedby our Money, nor by any thingdone by us ; fo thePromife of our having intereft in the Blefl'ings of this Peace, or the Application of theBlood of Atonement, are not Conditional Promifes : I fay, not on Conditional Promifes, depending upon the corrupt anddepraved Will of Man toperform, jer,3' 33' but they are alonefreeand abfolute ; I will put nay Law in their inward part, and write it in their Heart ; and will be their God, and they Jhall be myPeople ; they ¡hall all knowme from the dealt of them to the greateft ; Iwill forgive their Iniqui- ty, and will remember their Sins no More --I tek.36. will fprinkle clean Water upon them : I will give 25. them a new Heart ; I will take away the Stone out Etek. I Y. of their Heart, and will give them a Heart of 17. Flefh Are thefe Promifes made upon any ETek. 36. Conditions tobeperformed by theCreature, or 26. on previous Qualifications to prepare us for Eek. 20. p 1? 37. Grace ; no, they are all free Promifes, Iwill, and they ¡hall; God it is that opens our Eyes, that works Faith in us, that makes us willing to