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176 rw p jc Dtfp!apof C10/tote 0.3 ac ht 01 'N'r (2.) In oppofition to any after-Service which we could do, inorder to make God, or Chriff, Compenfation, or Return, by way ofGra- titude for making mi. Peace, fometimes Men thew great Favour to the Poor inDiffrefs, and pay their Debts upon the Condition that they !hall Work it out, or make a Compenfation that way ; but fo it is ndt here, for when we have done all ive can do, we are but unprofitable Servants : C'an Man profit God? Whoever gave any thing unto him ? VI. The Covenant of Peace is wholly of Graceto us, becaufe we are Quickned, Juífifi- ed, Called, Pardoned, Regenerated, Adop- ted, have Faith, a newHeart, Repentance, Sanaification, and all things elfe whatfoe- ver, by Vertue of this Covenant, in a way of Free Grace, or all is freely given to us of God. Let me give you two or.....three Reafons of this. Why all is r . Becaufe God will have all the Honour to of God's himfelf of our Salvation, he alone will have Free Grace the Glory, andabafe the Creature. 2 Becaufe his Defign herein is to Exalt and Magnifie his own Son, our Lord Jefus Chriff. 3. That Man might have no caufe left him to boaff norSacrifice to his Own Drag, But that he that glorieth fhouldglory in the Lord. 4. Becaufe God will have the Covenant of Peace to be f:re to all the Seed, i. e. to all his People; but if it were not of Grace alone, it would not before, but an Uncertain and Mu- table