Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

beOifptap of elogOIUO OlCC; Or, that bath mercy on thee. God forefaw us caft out like a wretched Infant in the day ofits Na- tivity, whofe Navel was not cut, neither wafted in Water, nor fatted, nor froadlec rat all ; andwhat Both God fay more, None Eye pitied thee to do any of thefe things for thee, but thou waft caft out in the open Field, to the loathingof thy pertn in the day thou waft born. This was the time of his Love, and alfo of his Pity and tenderMer- cy; Andwhen Ipaired by thee I faro thee polluted in thine own bloud, ver. 6. that is, when hewas firft concerned for us, in this Covenant of Peace, and entered into that holy Compaa with his own Son : Behold, thy time was a time of love, and I f read my Skirt over, and cover- ed thynaked_nets ; yea, and Ifware unto thee, and entered into Covenant with thee, faith the Lord, and thou becameft. mine. This was the time of God's entering into Covenant with his Elea, viz, it was with them in Chrift, and what of this is a&ually accomplilhed on us in Time, in our own Perfons, is but the execution of all that Grace, Pity and Mercy manifelted to us in Chrift fromEternity ; he then 'hewed his Eternal Purpofe of Compaf'ion towards his Chafen, and he then faid in his blefred Cove- pant to them live. I fhould now proceed to the next general Plead but 'hall fay no more at this time.