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Ebe Cobertattt of peace openeO. SERMON II. I S A. Liv. x. the laft part ofthe Verfe. Neither (ball the Covenant- of my Peace be removed, faith the Lord that bathmercy on thee. DoEt.THAT there is a Covenant of Peace made and agreed on, and fl-andetb firm in behalf ofall the Elect of God. The lait Day we fpoke to thofe Explana- tory Propofitions propofed to be opened by way of premife. Andnow toproceed to the next General Head. Secondly, I fhalil endeavour to open the main or chief tranfattions about the bringing in this Covenant of Peace. There are my Brethren, Six Things to be eonfidered in a Covenant of Peace among Men, and fo alfo in and about this Covenant. I. ATreaty, or a Solemn Confultation, or a Treating about the Terms ofPeace. II. An Agreement upon the Terms propofed. III. Who the Mediator is of this Covenant of Peace, together with his Work and Office. IV. The Ratification of the Covenant. V. The Proclamation or proclaiming thePeace, VI. The Time when the Peace (hall commence,. and who are included in it, and what is required 3