Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

24 ije DttPiipof diogotlo 0;acc or, in order to their a7rlal poffeffion and enjoyment thereof My Brethren, Thefe are the main things that are contained in, and about a Covenant of Peace among Men, as the chief Covenant Tranfa±ions ; and my Purpofe is to fpeal un- to there Six things particularly: Tho I grant there is force différence between a Covenant of Peace. between Kingdoms and States among Men, and this Covenant ; efpecially concern- ing the Work of the Glorious Mediator of this Covenant, and a Mediator of Peacecon- cluded between Earthly Princes and States : As we, God aílifling, thall make appear. But. to proceed : I, Concerning the Treaty, or Treating a- bout this Covenant. MyBrethren, Common, ly Princes and States appoint their Extraor- dinary Embaf%adors or Plenipotentiaries to Treat about the Terms upon which they defign and are willing to conclude a Peace after a ruin- ous and deitru&ive War : They donot Treat about it in theirown Perfons ; but the Trea- ty of Peace in this Covenant was only be tween God the Father, and God the Son; Sin- ners then had no aaual Being, or did not exift, and therefore could not fend any Ple- nipotentiary to agitate Matters on their be- half. It is true, Our Lord Jefiis Chrilt is called MefTnger of the Covenant whom rve delight in, lie is indeed our Delegate, Me.íl'enger or Trufte.e; iput the Father nlone, aád not we Pe-