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VicCoib.enant ofprate Openet` 35 dottii not this, there could be no Covenont of Peace concluded ; this therefore was the refait of that Counfel ofPeace held inEternity. III. There was I fay, a necefíity for theSon of God to be both Mediator and surety of this Covenant: I do not fay, that there was a neceffity laid either upon the Father or the Son to enter into this Covenant of Peace for us : No, no ! 'But if God will in a way of Free and Sovereign Grace enter into fucha Co- venant for Mankind, there was a Neceflity for Chriff to be the Mediator and Surety ofit I fay, Neceffity, fo far as we can, or are able to conceive, in refpeaof this Matter. z Becaufe God hath not revealed, or made Theneceffi known anyother way by which our Peacecould ty of a Me- be made, but bya Mediator. I do not fay, that ator of God could not anyother way make our Peace, nant e but that hecould not in reguardofhis own Ho-Peace, and nour (fo far as it appeareth unto us.) More-that Chrifl over, ifGod hath not made known any Other ú he° way, then there is no other way for us to ob- tain Peace with him : But no other way is made known. 2. There could be no other way, as we can conceive, becaufe thebreach that was between God and us,mull be made upby a full fatisfa&i- on to the Law and Juffice of cod, God being Juff as well as Gracious; and hence one end why Chrift was made a propitiation throsgh Faith in htis bloud, was To declare his ri, hteoaf 1?rr; °"25' ne(s for the remi Jion offns that arepáß, through the forbearance ofGod, v. 25. To declare, I fay, at this time his , igh: eotfnefs, that he right be Dr Jmf,