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...611M., fEbe Cobenont of pm Openen+ q.. He muff be God, becaufe otherwife he couldnot have fubdued, and overcome all his andour Enemies : What meer Man.. is able to wreffle with, andovercome Satan, and all the Powers of Darknefs ? Or how could he have prevailed againi Death ? Overcome and have fubdued Daath ? I will ranfom them from the Hof:13.14 Power of the Grave I will redeem them from Death : ODeath, Iwill be thyPlague ; OGrave, I will be thy Deflrutlion. And hence Chriff lays, Deftroy this Temple, amd in three Days 1 14.2.19 will raife it up again. This he could , not have done except he had been the Eternal God. Now this is fometimes attributed to the whole Trinity, fometimes to the Father, fometimes to the Holy Ghoft, fo it is fometimes attribu- ted to Jefus Chrif, which íhews, that thethree Perfons are all but Oneand the fame God. 5. He muff be God, in refpeel ofhis Workas Mediator in reference to Man ; for he was o- bliged to quicken all God's Elea, (who in the f rft Adamwere dead in Sins andTrefoffes) and Elb.2.i,2, ,raife them from that Spiritual Death, and over- come the Power of Sin and Satan in them, as well as for them. This brings me to the next Thing. II. Jefiis Chriff alto as Mediator of Peace, Chrifmuff mull- be Man. ' be Maas. 1. He muff be Man, becaufe he muff work out a Righteoufuefs in the fame Nature that had. fined, Man was obliged to keep the Law perfealy ; and this muff be done by Man, if ever he be juffified with God; (for God will in Exod.34.7 no wife clear the Guilty.) True, this is not requi- red