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Cbe e.obenant arse= Openeti, 47 3. AMediator mutt complywith the juft de- Chriacom.. mands of the wronged Party, and do that P& d uirh whichhe requires, without which he will ne- Demands s ver make Peace. Jefus Chrift therefore muff be Man, becaufe the theddingof his Blood is abfolutelynecelia- ry, inorder to the makingof our Peace the jutf. Right of the offended Soveraign of Heaven and Earth, muff be vindicated ; and to this End the Son of God took our Natureuponhim,that he might offer up, or Sacrifice that Body tothe Juffice of God, he laid down his Life, a.s the job. io.18 Father gave ,him Commandment, for he is our Peace, who bath made both one And that Eph. . hemight reconcile both unto God, in one Body, by 14, Its the Crofs, having Hain the Enmity thereby ; and having made Peace by the Blood of his Croft, by Col.1.z:o. him to reconcile all things tohimfelf, &c 4. AMediatormuff beaPerfon that bath in- Chris`l as tereff inboth Parties, and be one whom both((ediaror, Parties may truth, being equally affeaed unto has inrereft both, feeking to do all "inn right toone, and to Parties. relieve the offending Party, fo far as he is ca- pable todo it. Now our Lord Jefus Chriff bath iñtereff in God, being his own Son, and oneand the fame God ; and being Man he is nearly related unto us, - God therefore can truff him as his molt Faithful Servant ; and God in Mercy and Infi- nite Love chofe him as our Truftee, knowing that he wonid not, could not fail us ; there- fore he committed our Intereft and Concern- ments of ourPeace to him, we havingnoother Friend in Heavennor EarthAnd this,Brethren, was