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4$ Dtfplapof efo lotto elm: Or, was before we had any Being, or wereable to difpofeof our Interelt or Concernments. atria a 5. AMediator ought to be a Perfon that is a Ytlell-wifb- Well-wither to Peace, or one that loves Peace, er to Peace. longs after it, there being nothing more ac- ceptable to him than Peace. 49.6. Jefus Chrift is called the Prince of Peace ; not only a peaceable Prince, but the Prince of Peace, the only Perfon of 'Peace, or Peace- maker. Never did any Perfon give fuch clear, full, and undeniable Proofs, and Demonftrationsof his being aWell-wither toPeace, or a Lover of Peace, as Jefus Chrift bath done. As, I. Witnefs how freely he offered himfeif to the Father, in our behalf, to treat about,and yield to the terms of, and fign this Bleffed Co -. venant of Peace. I I. Witnefs the Glory he was willing to leave, in order to his a&ual accomplifhment thereof. I II. Witnefs the long Journey he took from Heaven to Earth, that hemight reconcile God and Man. IV. Witnefs his great Abatement, and Nil. 2.6,7 wonderful GondeFeention for being in the Form ofGod, he thought it not Robbery to be equal with God:tnot equal by a delegated PowerfromGod, for in Eflience he is Co- equal, Co-ef ential, and Go-eternal with the Father, but made himfelfofno Reputation, and took upon him the Formof a Ser- vant, andwags made in the likenefs offinfui Ä4an; his Gondefcention was free, and voluntary, or uncoutirained (unle s it was by Love) he fut- fered r ' -