Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

COCannata of10.eace aDperteD+ 49 fered'his Glory for a time to be eclipfed, yet hedid not lay down the effential Formof God ; no, that was impoffible ; but he affumed the Form ofa Servant, by taking onr Nature into Union with his Divine Nature, and all this to make our Peace. V. Witnefs how defirous he was of Peace, by confidering what in that Body he paff through from firft to laíf, that he might make Peace. (i.) Confider his Bloody Agony : Divine Wrath touched his Soul, he fweat great Drops, (or congealed Clots) of Blood, tho it was in a cold Night ; he prayed, he feared, he cryed with ftrong Crying and Tears, the Pangs ofHeb. 5. 7ti Hell tookhold of him ; noMan ever felt what he felt in his Soul ; he poured forth his Soul to Death, or came under a Spiritual Death, My God, my God, why haft thou forfaken me ? (z.) Confider what an Ignominious Death he fufered ; to be hanged on a Tree, was s Death which none but Slaves and notorious Malefactors endured, the Lord of Heaven and Earth filfl'ered the Punifhment of a vile and curfed Offender ; and all this to make our Peace. (3.) Confider how painful' this Death was, my Brethren, it was notonlya fhameful and ig nominious Death, but alto a very painful and lingering Death ; for from his Scourging by Pilot, to his giving up the Ghoft (it is obfer- ved) it was fix Hours, all which time he was in bitter Torture and Anguifn, both in SOU and Body too ; he fuffered from Heaven, from Earth, and from Hell. E 4.. Con-