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Dffpiap of l$IiMDttti 4115?aCQ : Or, (4.) Confider it was alfo a curfed Death ; He al.3.i3. wag made a Curfe for us, as it zs written, Cczrfed is every one that hangeth on a `Tree ; and all this to make our Peace. (5.) Confider when this was done, even at fuch a timewhen Multitudes were come out of the Countries round about to ferufalem,to keep the Feaft ; who, no doubt, had heard of the great Fame of Chrift, andofhis mighty Mira- cles, and longed (it is like) to fee him ; and now for them tobehold thisPerfon thus Mock- ed, Scourged, and Hanged on a Tree as a M:ife- rable Wretch, muff needs wound his tender Heart ; but all this he bore to make our Peace, which abtind.antly proves he was inclined to Peace, willing to make our Peace, and appeafe God's Wrath. (6.) Confider his molt importutate Endea- vours tobring poor Sinners to accept of that Peacewhich he bath made. 1. What Arguments doth he ufe. z. How long 11e Both wait knocking at their Doors. 3. And what Repulfes doth he daily meet withal and fuftain,, and what abominable Af- fronts Both he %affer from Unbelieving, and Hard-hearted Sinners : O howmuch is he for Peace Ckrift (pr V I. A. Mediator muff be of a yielding .Mediator and condeffendingSpirit, one that can comply qf 'Yield- with eachParty, not Self-will'd, norfeeking his and conde- fc,di;g own Honour, & c: Spirit. Our Lord Jefus Chrift condefcended in eve- ry thing todo his **esWill ; neverthhelefs, Not