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obenant ofpence Openc Not my Will, but thy Will be done ; tho he wads a Son, yet learned he Obedience by the things which he Heb. 5. &. filtered : He Ruck at nothing ; I did not with- hold my Face fromShame and Spitting. No Me- diator ever condefcended as Chrift did, He that yob.7. I sn f eakethof himfei ffeeketh his own Glory, but he that feeketh his Glory that fent him, the fame is true, and there is no Vnrighteoufnefs in him : All his whole defgn in his working about our Redem- ption and Reconciliation, was to advance his Father's Glory ; and he complied to do what- foever was requifite in order thereto. VII. A Mediator ought to be (loathed Cbrtji as with Power, (I mean not only, witha legal Au- Mediator thority, for that I have fpoken toalready) but rtilydheme to be one that hath Ability, Wifdom, andDif- cretion tomake up the Breach that is between Parties at variance ; every one is. not in a ca- pacity to become a'Mediator, were theycalled to that Office, for want of Ability. Now our Lord Jefus Chrift is mighty in Power ; He vs mighty to fave. (a.) He is every way capable' to accomplifh the Work of making Peace andReconciliati- on with God : He is the Power of God, and the Cor. r, Wifdom of God. He is called God's Arm, and 24. the Man of his Right Hand. Let thy Hand be 1j. 80.174 upon the Man of thy Right Hand, upon the Son of Man, whom thou madeftftrongfor thy f lf. Let thy Hand of Juftice be upon him, take Satisfa- &ion in him : Beloved, whatever Juftice re- quired, the Holinefs of God required, the Ve- racity of God required, or the Law ofGod re- quired ; in order to our Peace, Chrift is able E 2- to