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4111.111114 52 4 CCíQDtfptap of logotoepcc + or, ifa. 63.1, to anfwer all : I that [peak in Righteoufnefs, mighty to Save. (2.) Moreover, whatfoever our deplorable Condition and Neceflities do require, in order toour PeaceandReltoration, -he is able toan- fwer it fully alfo. z . He is able to encounter and overcome Satan ; and as he Bath done this inhis oWnPer- fon for us, fo he alfo doth it in us ; for natu- rally we were in Satan's Chains, evenCaptives to the Devil, the flrong Man armed held us fait, but Christ being cloathed with greater Power, hath delivered us out ofSatan's Hands Ifa. 61.1. He was Anointed to fet at Liberty thofe that were bound. 2. He hath overcome Sin, or deftroyed that Dan.7.24. Enemy : This was part of his Work, i. e. To make an end of Sins, and to make Reconciliation for Iniquity, and to bring in everlafling Righteouf- nefs, &c. That is, to make an end of Sin as to the Guilt, Condemning Power, and Punifhment thereof ; and at lait he will make anendof the very Beingof Sin alfo, in all his People. soh 16.3 3 3. Toovercome the World : In the Worldye (hall haveTribulation, but be ofgood chear, Ihave overcome the World. As he overcame the World in all its Snares, Temptations, Flatteries, and Frowns for us, fo through him we íhall over- come, the World. al.lô. We overcome in him, and (hall by him, or throughhis Aid andAfli- P.2 21. stance at lait, and fo fit down with him on btis Throne, 4. He