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Zbe Caienat of peacc OpenPix 53. 4. He is able to open blindEyes : This he .was alfo Anointed to do, even not only to pro- claim Liberty for the Captives, But the recover- ingofSight to the Blind ; for we by Naturewere Luke 4.18. all born Blind, and none but Chrift can give us Sight, or open the Eyes of our tinder- - ftanding. 5. He . hath Power to raife the Dead, The yohn5.25. Dead Thall hear the Voice of the Son Of God, and they that hear )(hall live : Tou bath he gitickned Eph. 2.1 , that were dead in Sinsand Yrefpaffes : Not one Soul could receive any benefit by his Mediati- on, unlefs he had been cloathed with power to raife dead Lazarus from the Grave. I mean every elea Sinner dead in Sin. 6. To change our Rebellious Hearts, or bow and bendour ftubborn Wills, or to make the Unwilling Will willing, which he doth in the Dayof his Power. And fo to take away Ef i io.3o that Enmity that naturally was in our Hearts a- gainf: God, or remove all our Vitious Habits,.ióm.e.7. or that averfenefs that was in us to God, and to the things of God, or to Circumcife our Hearts to love the Lord our Gad, which could not be done by any but by one cloathed with a creating Power, for it is he that forms the Imageof God again in us. 7. To cloath the naked Soul, by putting on theRobeof his own Righteoufnefs upon it. 8. To raife us up from ,the Dead at the laft Day : I will rantm them from the Power o, f' the h'o i ` T: Grave, I will redeem them from Death : O Death, z r'or. I will be thy Plague ; OGrave, I will he thy .De- 5 5 ,friction Moreover, F3 9HÇ