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Zbe CCQ )CIU1nt ofPZeiCe Omer!, 5 9 tor; for tho the Father might make the firíf Propofal of this to his Son, yet 'tis byChriíf's Undertaking that God is pacified, &c. He was Gal. 3.13. made aCafe for us, therefore as by the Offence of one fudgment cameupon all Men to Condemnation, fo by the Righteoufnefs of one, the Freegift came upon all Men unto fuftiftcation ofLife. For as by 4orn,5.18L one Man's Difobedience many were made Sinners ; 19. fo by the Obedience of one Jhall many be made Righteous. As Adam brought us into Debt, and made us obnoxious to Divine Wrath, fo Jefas Chrií'r hath paid our Debts by his a&ive Obedience to God's Law, and by bearing that Wrath on his Soul and Body which our Sins had brought upon us ; For the Tranfgrefons of450Q my People was he firicken. 2. See how the Mediator prevails with God, for inífead of God's demanding an inherent Righteoufnefs, a Righteoufnefs wrought out in our Perfons ; he accepts of an Imputed Righteoufnefs wrought out in the Perfon of his own Son in our Nature as Mediator, Who oft Cor. 1. God is made unto us, Wfdom and Righteoufnefs, 30. and Sanilification, and Redemption In the Lord, (hall one fy, have I Righteoufnefs ad Strength. And thenon the other fide. (i.) Chriíf is of a mollifying Temper to- wards Man, for he brings Man that he might partake of the Bleífings of Peace, to forego or give up all his own Righteoufnefs as good for nothing ; nay, to account it as Dung in point of JuJtification at God's Bar, or when it is Ira.3.g,Q. compared to the Righteoufnefs of God in aria,