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ebe OtrpletpofO10 touo pace + or,` Chrift,and infleadoffeekingJuílificationby our own Righteoufnefs, or by our Faith and fin- cere Obedience, utterly, to renounce it, and to fubmit to the Righteoufnefs of God, That we RómI0.3 may be juftified freely by hips Grace, through the Redemption that vs in Chrift 5efus. (a.) Not to work to be Juflified, not tore- Rom. 4. 5. pent or love God to be Juftified, But to work not, but believe in him that fuftifies' the Vn gody. (3.) Not to work for Life, but from Life, e. from a Principle of Life wrought in the Soul, not to change one Work or Aft of the Creature in Juftification to another Work or Aft of the Creature ; I mean not to renounce all Works of the Law in point of juftification, and to include Gofpel-works, or Faith andO- bedience as part of our Juflifying Righteouf- Rom. 11.6. nefs before God no, no, but to exclude all manner of Works, Faith andObedience what- I0om:4.45, foever, and to refl uponChrift alone, or on his Righteoufnefs exclufive of all the Creature doth, or can do. (4.)And tho the-Soul fees he is already Jufli- Kph. i. 6, fled, and accepted in the Beloved, and for ever delivered from Wrath and Condemnation ; Vim. 8, T. yet to livea HolyLife and renounce all Sinand Iniquity fromaPrinciple ofFaith ; andbecaufe 3'át. 14. Sin is fo hateful unto God, and fo abominable in his Sight, and becaufe Chrift is his Lord, therefore to dó all things whatfoever he corn- .'5°15 mandeth him, and all this in Love to Chrift, not to feek his Acceptance and Juflificationby the Worth of his Faith andObedience., but in. Chrift,