Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

Calienant of Peace Openeti, Chrift, and to account himfelf an Vnprofitable Servant, when he bath done all that Chrift hath commanded him. (5.) Chrilt never leaves his Elea, until he hathbrought them to thefe Terms. XIII. A Mediator whofe Mediation is The Medi- reje&ed, after long Patience, leaves the Of- ator leaves fended andObílinate Perfon to the Severityof natefif i- that Law he bath broke, and under the Sen- tence thereof. der the fe- So, my Brethren, will the Lord Jefus Chrift, verity of after long Patience, and Forbearance, leave all the Lam. Obitinate, Rebellious, and Unbelieving Sin- ners, to the Severity of the Law ofGod which they have broken, and to the Wrath andVen- geance of God; He that believeth not, is Con- yob. 3.1g, demned already. All are condemned in thefirft ..edam, and their Condemnation will be aggra- vated upon them, becanfe they rejei the Of- fers of Peace, or the MediationofJefus Chrift, and believe not in him ; and indeed all Men would do this, was not Infinite Love chewed., and Power put forth towards fomeaccording to Göd's Eternal Purpofe in Elec`fion. X I V. A Mediator leaves no liberty of thrift the an Appeal after he bath paffed the definitive Mediator Sentence. Moreover, it is fome times -left to trill pars him alfo to pafs that Sentence. the defins- So, my Brethren, the Lord Chrift at the lait rive serz Day will leave no room for any Sinner to ap- which there peal to any other Court or Perfon, there will will hero be no relief; for God the Father hat'n commit- 4/2"1* ted all Judgment to theSon he will therefore pafs the definitive Sentence againft all Mankind in _.