Keach - Houston-Packer Collection BT155 .K4 1698

68 Zbe ifpiap of Nfo tou 2atc: Or, Juftified Perfons might again come under Con- demnation, which they cannot ; For there is. now no Condemnation to them that are in Chrift efius, &c. And thus was Chrift a Prieff ; i. e. On Earth he eminently Sacrificed and Offered Lreb.9.i4. up himfelf to God ; How much morefhall the Blood of C,hrifl, who through the Eternal Spirit of- fered himflfwithout Spot to God, purgeyour Con- fciences fromdeadWorks, to f rve the Laving God. And in Heaven alfo he eminently intercedes Heb.7.25. for us, Seeing he ever li'zieth to make Intercefon for them ; and that his Atonement might be of, Heb.9.24. ficacious tous, He now appears in the Prefence of Godfor us ; therefore it is Paid, That We are come to ref es the Mediator ofthe New covenant, and to the Blood offprinkling, that f eaketh bit- ter things than the Blood of Abel. Come to Je- fus, &'c. that is, to a _clearer knowledge of his WorkandOffice : Sirs, all Chrift's Satisfaäion and Priefthood would be ineffe&ual for our good, if he did not continue in the exercifeof it in Heaven by his Interceffion ; for it is by virtue of his Interceffion that all his Merits are applied to us ; for if when we were Enemies we were reconciled to God by the Death of his Son, or God was reconciled to us, (for it is that, which .ßóm.,, ie. the Holy Ghaft intends ;) much more being re- concil'd we (hall be Paved by his Life ; the defign of this Office therefore was to make our Peace, or our Reconciliation to God by a Price paid, and to apply that Atonement that it might be effeual, and continued unto us for ever Chrift Both not reconcile _God to us as a King, but as a Prieff, and it is not done by what, he