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Eby eoi. cnant all:Nate OpatM. 69 he works in us, but by what hehath done for us. II.. As Chrift is a Prieft,fo alto he is a King : chriji He is, I fay, invefted withKingly Authority, king. as he is Mediator ; Yet have Ifit my King upon 1fal. 2.6? my .Holy Hill ofSion. His Kingdom (as one ob- ferves) is not Regnum naturale, which he hath as God, 'co-effential with the Father, but Reg, Haim Ceconomicum, which he bath by Donation andVnttion from his Father, it is given to him as Mediator. Moreover, his Power as King is very great, He tis King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, the only 'Potentate. T. .King over Sin, which as a Tyrant bath long Reigned. 2. King over Devils, and all the Powers of Darknefs. 3. King over Death, that King of Ter- rors ; the Keys of Hell and Death are given to him. .. King of Saints, (he being the llnivera fal Head of the Church) and King of Nati- ons. s. Nay, he hath Kingly Power and Head, fhip over the Holy Angels ; He is the Head of Principalities and Powers ; yea, his Power is overall Creatures, God bathput all things under Eph, 1.22. his Feet. His Kingfnip and Authority is therefore. Univerfal., All Power is given to me in Heaven Marth. 2 .8, and Earth. 18. And hence, There is nothingwhich he (as Mediator God-man) cannot do. Now the Workof Chrift as King. F3