Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Direa. cf I. Of SaY 5Ì catien: iOS 6' Scripture: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thy- felf ;" and to keep all the commandments of the law, one as well as another, becaufe he that fail, Do not coriímit adultery," faid alfo, "Do not kill," James ii, 8, z o it. Sound Proteftantshave account- ed the denial of the authority of the moral law of Mofes to be an Antinomian error. And though our late prevaricators againft Antiinomïanifm maintain. not this error, yet they eftablith a worfe error, juf. tificatión by their fincere gofpel works. I think the denomination of the Antinomians arofe from thi8 error. The law of Mofes had its authority at firft from Chrift ; for Chrift was the Lord God of lfrael, that ordained the law byangels on mount Sinai, iii the hand of Mofes, a mediator for the Ifraelites, who were then his only church, and with whom we be- lieving Gentiles are now joined, as fellow-members Of one and the fame body, Eph. iii. 6. And though Chrift hath fince abrogated force of the command- ments then given by Mofes, concerning figurative Ceremonies and judicial proceedings; yet he hath not annulled the obligative authority of the moral law, but hath left it in its full force, to oblige in moral duties, that ftili are to be pra tifed; as, when tome . arts of any parliament are repealed, the authority of the fame parliament reziaineth inviolable in other gets that are not repealed. I know they objeet, that the ten_commands of the moral law, the miniftratiori of death, written and engraven on ftones, are alto done away by Chrift, 2 Cor, iii. 7. But this maketh altogether againft their conditional covenant: for they are the rniniftration of death, and done away, not as they cothmanded perfe t obedience, for even Chrift himfeif commandeth us to be perfe&, Matth. r. 4.8. but as they were conditions for procuring life, and avoiding death, eflablifhed by a proinife of life to the doers, and a curfe to the breakers of them, Gal. iii. to, 12. The covenant made with Ifrael on Mount Sinai, is aboli1hed by Christ, the Mediator of o