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IC4 rhe Gofpet.Millery., Direet. VI. the new covenant, Heb. viii. 8, 9, 13. And the ten commandments bind us not as they were words of that covenant, Exod. xxxiv. 23 I mean, they bind us not as conditions of that covenant, except we feek to be juftitied by wcnks: for the law, as a covenant, doth ftill Band in force enough to curie thofe that feek falvation by their own works, Gal. iii. to. and if abolithed, it is only to thofe that are in Chrift by faith, Gal. ii. 19, 20. Acts iii. 22,-25. and xv. ii But the ten commandments bind us fUll, as they were then given to a people that were at that time under the covenant of grace made with Abraham, to thew them what duties are holy, joft and good, well pleating to God, and to be a rule for their conver- fation. The refult of all is, that we muff dill prac- tile moral duties, as commanded by Mofes: but we muff not leek to be jultified by our praetice. If we ufe them as a rule of life, not as conditions of juf- tification, they can be no miniftration of death, or killing letter unto us. Their perfeaion indeed mak- eth them to be harder terms to procure life by, but a better rule to difcover all imperfeClions, and to guide us to that perfeEtion" which we (hould aim at. And it will be our wildem, not to part with the,au- thority of the decalogue of Mofes, until our new divines can furnifh uswith another fy{ternofmorality as complete as that, and as excellently competed and ordered by the wifdom of God, and more authen- tic than that is. Fourthly, Thofe that endeavour to procure Chrift's falvation by their fincete obedience to all the com- mands of C,hrift, do aft contrary to that way of fal- vation by Chrift, free grace, and faith, difcovered in the gofpel, though they own it in prefeilion ever fo highly. tfl, They aa contrary to the way of falvation by Chrift ; for they would'heal themfelves, and fave themfelkies from the power and pollution of fin, and procure God's favour, by performing fincere obedi. vasoNNIIMM