Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

v i% a A RECOMMENDATION by the Reverend Mr. ADAM GIB, Minifier of the Gofpei in the Affociate Congregation of Edinburgh, THOUGH the due recommendations foregoing, wherewith thefe following direhions have beers formerly fent abroad, be what h pretend not to add any weight unto by my affent ; there feems not, how- ever, any thing fuperfluous, in applying, unto two forts of perfons, an advice which hash been already given, with refpea to the reading of this book. Among the profeffors of a religious courfe, Ionic do íi11 adhere unto a legal fcheme of holinefs, vainly making it the reafòn of their peace and hope, or, at leaft, of their venturing to found both on Chrift ; and others reconciled unto an evangelical fcheme of ho- linefs, verily making it the refuit of their peace and hope, as already founded on Chriff, freely offered to them in the gofpel. The correction which one of thefe forts, and the in- fcrution in righteoufnefs which both of them need, may be peculiarly gained from this book : and, for thefe purpofes, they are earneftly intreated to perufe it completely, and in the fame order wherein written : fo that the one fort may not, from looking firft into the latter part thereof, throw it afide as Antinomian c nor the other fort, from looking only into the former part, throw it afide as legal. In fine, whereas I have fcarcely ever been acquaint- ed with any practical compofure, of human produce, fo evangelical, in a thread more connect, and a me- thod more exact than this : I equally defpair, that any (hall reap true benefit, in a partial and confufed read- ing ; and lope, that excellent fruit (hall, through the divine bleffing, redound therefrom, unto fuch as may read it otherwife. To proceed thus far in compliance with the inclin ation of fome Gentlemen concerned in this Edition, is prefumed by Edinburgh, Dec. 3 T. ADAM G13 1744*