Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

[ viii 3 To the BOOK.-SELLS SIaR, T gives me no (mall pleaí"tzre to hear, that you are I going to republifh Mr. MARSHALL'S Gofpel Myf1err f Sanciiifzcation *. The inftrui ion, confolation, and fpiritual improvement, which 1 rnyfelf have received from that .folid and judicious treatife, excite in me a pleating hope, that it may be equallyinaruc`tive and ad- vantageous tc others. The recommendation of it in 'theron atid Afpnfro9 with which you propofe to introduce the new edition, is at your fervice. To this propofal I confent the more readily, becaufe Mr. Marshall's book may be looked upon as no improper fupplement to thole dialogues and letters, the author of which intended to have clofed his plan, with a diilertation on practical holi- nefs, or evangelical obedience. But this defign was dropped; partly, on account of his very declining health ; partly, becaufe the work fwelled under his hands far beyond his exxpeaation. He has been advised., once more to refume the pen; and treat that grand fubjet, with fame degree of co- pioufnefs and particularity. If he fliould be enabled to execute, what he acknowledges to be expedient, the dodtrines already difcu{éd, and the privileges al- ready difpiayed, will furnifh the principal materials for his effay. Juftification, free juftification, through the righteoufnefs of _fetus Chrift, is the facred fleece from which he would` fpin his thread, and weave his garment ; agreeable to that important text, re are * It is Paid, by the very belt judge of propriety in facred writings, Great is the rry/iery org9dlitieff, x Tim. iii. 16. 'Phis pallase, I pre- fume, Mr. Marshall had in his view, when he pitched upon a title for his book. And t'.is pafrage will render it fuperior to ail cenfrre; unexceptionally jua and proper.