Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

x08 The Gofpe' Myfiery Direa. Vi. vation by the condition of works, and claiming it by any law as a due debt. TheScripture teacheth us, that there is a perfeet oppofition, and utter irrecon. cileablenefs, between falvation by grace and works: " If by grate, then it is no more of works; other- " wife grace is no more grace; but, if it be of works, " then it is no more grace; otherwife work is no " more work," Rom. xi. o. So allo there is an op. petition between a reward reckoned of grace, and of debt, Rom. iv. q.. between a promife of happinefs by the law, and by grace, Rom iv 13, 16. God is fo jealous of the glory of his free grace, that he will not fave us by any works, though of his own work- ing in us, Ieft any man {hould boaft, Eph. ii. 9 He knoweth when he hcaleth -men by phyfic, or main- taineth them by the labour of their hands, they are prone to attribute the glory, rather to the means they ufe, than to his fole bounty and goodnefs. idly, They do alto exalt contrary to the way of falvation by faith: for, as I have (hewed already, the faith which is required for our falvation in the gof- pel, is to be underftood in a fenfe contrary to doing good works, as á condition to procure our falvation, and fo the true difference between terms of the law and the gofpel maybe maintained. Believing is op- pofed to ali working for falvaaion, and the " law of " works to the law of faith," Ro. iv. 5. and iii. 27. Eph. ii. 8, 9. Therefore we mutt not here confider faith as á work of - righteaufnefs, as - comprehending any works of righteoufiiefs performed or done, as a condition to procure a right and title to Chrift, as thehand wherebywe work, to earn him as our bread and drink, as our wages; but onlyas the hand where- by we receive Chri{t, as freely given to us, or as the mouth whereby we eat and drinkhim; as hath been proved._ God giveth a fufficient right to receive Chrift and his falvation, by the free ` gofpel-offer and invitation; fo that he leaveth nothing fer our faith to do, but to lay hold of him as a free gift, that the