Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

a Mr. Hativtv's recommendatory Letter. !late, in which we are under the guilt of fin, and tilt curie of the law ; are futjel to the power of Satan, and influenced by evil propenfities.--From this fíate none are releafed, but by being united to' Chrift ; or, as the apoftle fpeaks, by Chrift dwelling in the heart throughfaith °. Faith, according to Mr. Marfhall, is a real perfua- fron, that God is pleafed to give Chrift and his falva- tion ; to gisre him freely without any recommending qualifications, or preparatory conditions ; to give him, not to fàn/e finners only, but to me a firmer in particu- lar. It is likewife an ahlúal receiving of Chris, with all the benefits, privileges, and promifes of the gofpel; in purfuance of the divine gift, and on no other war- rant than the divine grant., This Taft office is par- ticularly infifted on, as an effential part, or as the prin- cipal aâ of faith. To performwhich, there is no ra- tional, no poflible way ; unlefs, as our author declares, we do, in force meafure, perfuade and afire ourfelvesf, that Chrift and his falvation are ours. As faith is filch a perfuafion of the heart, and fuck a reception of Chrift, it affures the foul of falvation by its own ail ; antecedent to all refledlion on its fruits er éffcels, on marks or evidences---It affures the foul of acquittance from guilt, and reconciliation to God ; of a title to the everlafting inheritance, and of grace fufficient for every cafe of need.By the exercife of Eph. iii. 17. t It is not by this expreffion,'affirmed, Or infinuated, that we are able to produce faith, in ourfelves, by any power of our own. This felf-fuffìciency the author has profeflèdly and frequently dif- claimed; airerting, That " the Spirit of God habitually difpofes and inclines our hearts toa right performance of this moft impor- tant aft." ---This_ manner of fpeaking is ufed, f imagine, for two realòns : To point out the firft and chief work, which we are to be doing, iricceffantly and afliduoufly, till our Lord come ; to remind -us, that we inufi not expo£ to have faith wrought in us,'by force fatality of fiipernatural operation, without any application or en- deavour of our own; but that we,mtift make it our diligent endea- vour, and our daily bufinefs, to believe in Chrift. We mull la- bour to enter into this refl, and pew all diligence to attain to thefull af- furance of hope.