Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Mr. HEavEV's recommendatory Letter. bought with a price; therefore glorify God #. If provi- dence, in all things wife, and in all things gracious, fhould fee fit to withhold either time or ability for the accomplifhrnent of my purpofe, I do, by thefe prefents, nominate and depute Mr. Marfhall, to fupply my lack of fervice. Mr. Marfhall exprefl'es my thoughts ; he profecuteS my fcheme ; and not only purfues , the fame end, but proceeds in the fame way. I !hall therefore rejoice in the profpect of having the Gofpel Myflery ofSantification Rand as a fourth volume to Theron and Afpaflo. Might I be allowed, without the charge of irreverence, to ufe the beautiful images of an infpired writer, 1 could with great fatisfa6lion fay, If this be a wall, that will build upon it a palace of ivory : if this be a door, that will inclofe it with boards ofcedar t. Mr. Marfhall reprefents true holinefs as confifling the love of God, and the love of man :-;--that unforc- ed, unfeigned, and molt rational love of God, which arifes from a difcovery of his unfpeakable mercy and infinite kindnefs to us ; that cordial, dìfinterefted, and uriiverfal love of man, which flows from the pof- feffion of a fatisfadory and delightful portion in the LORD JEHOVAH. Thefe duties, of love to our Crea- tor and our fellow-creatures, are regarded as the font and fubftance of the moral law ; as the root £ronn which all other branches ofpure and undefiled reli- gion fpring. Holinefs, thus hated, is confidered, not as the means, but as a part; a diflinguifhed part of our falva.tion ; or rather, as the very central point, in which all the means of grace, and all the ordinances of religion, terminate. Man in a natural hate is abfolutely incapable of pra tiling this holinefs or enjoying this happinefs Ifyou afk what is meant by a natural hate ? It is that 4 ï Cor. vi, 20. f Cant. viii, 9