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3& TheGypel-2321lery Direa. VII!. " God hath made an everlafting covenant ordered " in all things, and fure," 2 Sam. xxiii. 5. The be. ne fits of it have an orderly dependence each upon o- ther, as links of the fame golden chain, tho' feveral of them, and a title to them all, are given to us at one and the fame time. And I think enough hath been laid already, to Phew in what order God brings us to the praaice of the moral law. He maketh us firft to be in Chritt by faith, as branches in the vine, that we may bring forth much fruit, John xv. 4, 5. He firft purgeth our confciences from dead works by juftification, that we may ferve the living God, Heb ix. 14. He maketh us firft to live in the Spirit, and then to walk in the Spirit, Gal. v. 25. This is the order prefcribed in the gofpel, which is the pow.. et of God unto falvation ; though the law prefcrib. eth a quite contrary method, that we ihould firft per. form its commands, that fo we may be juftified and live; and thereby it proveth a killing letter unto us. Row, mark well the great advantages you have for the attainment of holinefs, by feeking it in a right gofpel order. You will have the advantage of the love of God manifefted toward you,in forgiving your fins, receiving you into favour, and giving you the fpirit of adoption, and the-hope of his glory, freely, through Chrift, to perfuade and conftrain you, by fweet allurements, to love God again, who hath fo dearly loved you, and to love others for his fake, and to give up yourfelves to the obedience of all his corn- tnands out of hearty love to him; you will alío enjoy the help of the Spirit of God, to incline you power- fully unto obedience, and to ftrengthen you for the performance of it againft all your corruptions, and the temptations ofSatan; fo that you will have both wind and tide to forward your voyage in the praaice Of holinefs.: Contrariwiíe, if younab upon the im- mediate performance of the law, without taking Chrift's righteoufnefs and his Spirit in the way to it, you will find both wind and tide againft yen: your