Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

hire&. VIII. Of Santli zcation. X31 DIRECTION. VIII. .fiefifre to feekfor Holinefs of Heart and Life only in it's due Order, where God kath placed it, after Union with Chrift, juflification and the Gift of the Holy Ghofl; and, in that Order; Peek 'it earntjily by Faith, as a very necearj Part ofyour Salvation. EXPLICATION'. HOPE the reader will obferie warily in all thefe direaions, that the holinefs aimed at as the great end in the whole difcourfe confifteth not in the grace or ael of faith, required peculiarly by the golpe!; which, though it be a faxing, gift of Chrifl; yet is here confidered rather as a means precedent to the recep- tion of Chrifl, and all his falvation, than a part of his falvation received. But the holinefs aimed at conl'ifteth in conformity to the whole moral law, to which we are naturally obliged, if there had never been any gofpel, or any fuck duty as believing ii Chrifl for falvation. Now, in this direaion, three things are contained that are very neceffary to guide us to the attain.. ment of this great end ; and therefore worthy of our ferious confideratioh. Firji, It is a matter of high concern, to be ac- quainted with the due place and order wherein God path fettled this holy prac`,tice in the myftery of our falvation ; and a great point of Chriftiaí°t wifdoìri to Peek it only in that order. We know that God is the God of order, and that his infinite wif'dom bath appeared in appointing the order of his creatures, which we are forced to obferve for attainment of our tnda in worldly thins fo alío in fpititual things ;